Wednesday, March 7, 2012

snaggle tooth dino friend.

March brings a million birthdays in my family. The old, the young, the in-betweeners...all March!
So...March must be the frugal gift month:P
I have plans for this Pumpkin Fudge for both my mum and mil and I plan to package it like this. Before I get to that though, I need a gift for my gorgeous little very nearly 2 nephew Ross - that kid has a smile that melts...
Anyway, as I continue to practice (s? c?) my sewing skills I need to stick to simple shapes and forgiving fabrics - and boy was this fleece forgiving! lucky that.
My 5 year old chose this fabric some time ago for its rainbow appeal and here it is fashioned into my very first Snaggle Tooth Dino Friend - inspired by my dino loving 3 year old. I think there will be more of these little guys in my future:)