Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Project: Food Budget} Week 24

Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without Project Food has really helped me to get a handle on the monetary cost and the physical / mental cost of food. It has made me acutely aware of the importance of whole foods, raw foods, fresh foods and local foods. I have a long way to go to achieving my food dream (yes, I have such a thing!) but I'm on my way - and that people, is what it's all about!

I haven't recapped my stats in a while so here they are:

6 to feed, 3 big ones and 3 smaller ones.
2 meat meals a week and 5 vegetarian.
4 packed lunches per day.
baby food too...
budget is $200 per week inclusive breaky, lunch, tea and snacks.

I'm thinking of late that I will work towards a 'night' know the 'it's risotto night' kinda thing.
So far, I'm thinking pizza night, risotto night, frittata night, dips 4 dinner night, burger's a work in progress:D

This week:

Thursday - Yoghurt flat bread with dips
Friday - Couscous and cannellini bean burgers
Saturday - Lemon & garlic chicken casserole
Sunday - Home made pizza
Monday - Farro soup
Tuesday - Beets and horseradish risotto
Wednesday - leftovers

Mumma lunches:
Nutty Lemon-Herb Brown Rice with Avocado

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  1. LOVE that you're finding this project useful!! And that it's helped you get a handle on the food you are consuming.

    I like theme nights. They are great in a pinch, or when I feel like being less than creative (which has been more often than not lately).