Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby peasant top

I'm a wee bit excited about this...
I stitched something for my baby girl, and it's entirely wearable!
...and the best bit, repurposed vintage flanny sheet from the op shop - 20cents -  super soft and comfy.
It's a WIN!
I found the free pattern over here.


  1. Very cute. I wish I had got ton into sewing my children's clothes from an early age. It probably would have saved a fair bit of money. I am only just learning how to now, so it will probably take a few years to get into it on a regular basis.

    I did, however, just buy a decent amount of fabric suitable for making t-shirts from the op-shop for $1.50. I think I should be able to make at least two shirts out of it. Yay for learning how to sew.

  2. She looks so cute in it I could eat her! Well done on your sewing too!

  3. looks fantastic.i havent sewen clothes yet but want to make a doll and matching peasent dress for my girls..well done :)