Monday, February 13, 2012

{Project: Food Budget} Week 20

Monthly budget is $870.00 - $200 per week...
Family of 6 - 3 big ones / 3 smaller ones...
2 school lunches / 1 kindy lunch to pack and send -1 work away home lunch / 1 work at home lunch -healthy and complete baby mush also required!
I aim for 2 meat dishes for the week and the others, vegetarian.

I'm trying to use what we have this week...with a bit of a nut roast theme:)
Total spend is $180.00 That's all dinners, lunches, breakfasts and snacks.
Oh...and I ordered for delivery - that's an $8 charge but saves me an awful lot of energy which is more precious than my $8!

Tuesday - Lentil and cashew nut roast
Wednesday - Chicken with sherry and raisins
Thursday - Almond and sesame nut roast
Friday - Oriental noodle salad
Saturday - Dips, vege sticks and toast
Sunday - home-made pizza
Monday - Cheesey beano's

All served with a tonne of salad or veg:)

The Week 20 Participating Blogs:

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