Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carrot Dip

I had planned Dips 4 Dinner this week. That has a kind of a ring to it, maybe I should write a blog...
DIPS4DINNER and you could all post your fav dips...but I digress:D

I'm not the biggest fan of carrot. Carrot cake yes please, but carrot as a steamed vegetable on my plate appeals mostly as a bang 4 your buck vegetable.

That said, I nearly always have them...and they sometimes get old before they get cooked. They are really the only veg that this happens to in my fridge.

So DIPS4DINNER (maybe a new regular at my place) provided the perfect opportunity to find something good to do with those little orange babies...and find I did:)

This dip is truly awesome, stupidly simple, and great as a sandwich filling too.

The fact that it is so pretty just seals the deal. No more squidgy carrots here.

You can find the recipe here
It is called Turkish Carrot Yoghurt Dip and was posted by Anh Nguyen of a food lover’s journey’ 

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  1. I make a yummy roasted broccoli hummus dip, that would make your vegetarian family very happy.