Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Project: Food Budget} Week 19

Oh dear, running a little late today...much like the rest of the week really.
I haven't even done the food shop yet! Have been feeding the family morsels from the pantry.
I knew I was scraping the bottom of the barrel last night when I served up rice.



with soy sauce

sadly, the kids were delighted.

So...composing an on-line order as I type.
Here is this weeks menu, beginning today, rather than Tuesday.
The kids and DH loved the sausage casserole from last week so it features again. It's a win win kinda dish because I can throw in as many veges as will fit, selectively give acceptable vegetables to all the kidletts, avoid the sausage myself and eat the rest. Win.

Thursday - Conveniently pizza with family!
Friday - Sausage & Vegetable Casserole
Saturday - Easy-Peasy Black Bean Burgers courtesy of our very own Emily Levenson
Sunday - Home made pizza
Monday - Everyday Red Lentil Dahl to finish the shopping, will check back later with costings.
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  1. sadly, that meal of rice and soy sauce is one of my favorite too. a go-to meal when i'm by myself.

    hope you like the black bean burgers!! they are a staple in our house, and freeze nicely if you have any leftovers.

  2. It was one of those weeks all around! And no worries about the rice...we've all done it. ;)