Thursday, July 5, 2012

(Project: Food Budget) Week 39

...have been a bit absent. winter sickness got the better of us all! so here's to better health.

While I haven't blogged my thoughts of late, I have been jotting ideas on paper and rolling ideas around in my head during night feeds. My food budget is a numbers game in more ways than just $$$. I'm constantly reminding myself how many sandwiches, how many muffins, how many bananas etc are required for a week. Basically it goes something like this:
1 week = 42 serves breakfast, 18 sandwiches (take out) 18 muffins / bars (take out) 18 pieces fruit (take out) 42 serves dinner, 24 serves home lunches, 37 afternoon snacks, 22 morning snacks and COUNTLESS adolescent munch outs!
Phew, I'm tired even thinking about it...
Sometimes, it is just too much FOOD to get my head around. I'm wondering if I should menu plan in blocks of 3 and 4 days to see me through the week. Perhaps that might be easier?? budget remains at $200 for 6, at least for the short term.

I have just begun a Pinterest board for 'Winter Foods'
If you clicked on that link you would have seen that I'm just getting started. The idea is to collate some recipes that are seasonally relevant to where I live. That's gotta help the budget right? ...and who doesn't want to make the most of fresh and budget friendly produce?

Here is my seasonal list:

Foods in season throughout the year.
Apricots Avocado (Fuerte)Beetroots Asparagus 
Beans Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) Broccoli Avocado (Hass)
Berries & CurrantsCauliflowerCabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) Beetroots 
Celery Celery Cauliflowers Berries & currants
Cherries Chestnuts Celery Broccoli 
Corn Cumquats CumquatsCabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) 
Eggplants GingerGingerCucumbers
FigsLeeks Jerusalem ArtichokesFennel 
Green peaMelonsLemons & LimesGreen, Snap & Snow pea, 
Leeks Olives Olives Leeks 
Melon Parsnips Parsnips Lemon & Lime
PearsPears Rhubarb Peppers & chillies
Peppers (& Chillies) Quinces Sweet PotatoesRhubarb 
TomatoesSweet PotatoesTurnips & swedesZucchini & Squash
Zucchini & SquashTomatoes 
 (Southern Australian emphasis)
It is from here.
...and so to this weeks menu:
Thursday - Aubergine & Sweet Potato Stew (Thai style)
Friday - Harvest Vegetable & Lentil Casserole
Saturday - Chickpea & Leek Soup
Sunday - Home made pizza
Monday - Aloo Gobi & rice
Tuesday - Scalloped Cabbage with Fennel and Cranberries

Wednesday - leftovers:P

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