Friday, July 27, 2012

Basic Kid Pants.

I'm a lil bit chuffed with my sewing this week. The middle two have their first school disco to attend this week and thus, the necessary disco attire has been fashioned!
I've made quite a few pairs of pants now but it wasn't until I was directed to 'made' that I found a pattern that really worked for me. Different front and back pieces has made the world of difference to the fit. These pants are awesome...(and FREE!!) and I have made them for kids 2, 3 and 4 just by altering the same pattern. Brilliant!

oh and did I mention, I lined them with flannelette? He's a tactile guy, and appreciates the extra softness. That's mummy love stitched right in there <3

...and before y'all point it out, I know now that I was meant to turn the lining seams out...seems so obvious now. oh well...

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  1. SOOOOo cute! This is my favourite pants pattern too. The T-shirt he's wearing matches really well too! perfect disco outfit!