Tuesday, May 1, 2012

retro pattern finds.

oh wow thermomix is interest free for may! so excited...in other news...picked up an awesome vintage multi pattern book at the op shop for 50 cents...I"M WINNING!!

Its been dollar week at my local this week and thus my heart rate has been a little higher:P
I purchased 3 womens tops / jackets that are going to have a new life as baby pants, more on that later.

I've only just started taking the time to sift through the pattern bins because quite frankly, I've been terrified of them ever since stitching some shorts when I was probably 10. I can still picture those too short shorts *shudders* but anyway, I've grown and I'm moving on...and at 20 cents a pattern!
So here's my little stash from last week.
....and this is today's find:
and the POI's from inside:
This is made with corduroy in the pic, oh so wintery! I see potential here:)
lol at her expression, should be a caption contest.
Here are the variations: 
I'm loving that kangaroo pouch pocket.
...and because when you're a beginner, everything is new...
the classic wrap skirt:
Oh but where to begin...


  1. I just picked up a couple of vintage patterns from an op shop, too, but mine were $2 each. You got a bargain. Good luck with it.

  2. you lucky thing, there never ever seem to be anything to do with sewing at our local charity shops

  3. Can't wait to see what you make with that book! I'd try the kangaroo top first. Great find - a little jealous :-P

  4. I made that Kangaroo pouch top about 4 times when I was a teenager.. That brings back memories, I wonder if the pattern is still in my stuff in NZ. OH well I'll find out in September..