Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{Project: Food Budget} Week 17

Another week of Project:FoodBudget means another go at getting it right:)
The more I work at such things, you know healthy eating, budgeting, family management...the more I learn that the decider - whether things work or fall in a heap - is the picking yourself up and getting on with it. Bad budget week? oh well...try again kinda thing. FYI, the Cannellini & bean burgers from last weeks menu were a stand out - really delicious, and baby approved:) Anyways a recap on the stats:

Monthly budget is $870.00 - $200 per week...
Family of 6 - 3 big ones / 3 smaller ones...
2 school lunches / 1 kindy lunch to pack and send -1 work away home lunch / 1 work at home lunch -healthy and complete baby mush also required!
I aim for 2 meat dishes for the week and the others, vegetarian.

This weeks menu:

Monday - Curried egg salad
Tuesday - Chicken breast nuggets & salad (the grown ups are eating out)
Wednesday - Refried beans without the fry burritos
Thursday - Beef and fennel sausage rolls with roast veg
Friday - Eggplant parmigiana
Saturday - Gozleme
Sunday - Home made pizza

Oh, and a win this week, the hub has agreed to be the pizza guy Sunday nights so a night off for me!
I haven't done my receipts yet so will update with shopping list and costings later.
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  1. MMMM, I bookmarked that eggplant recipe. sounds really good! Eating healthy is so expensive! I spend up to $60 a week just on veggies and fruit. Your menus look really good!

  2. Eggplant parmigiana!!! Yummmm! I'll do that next week!! Thank you! Have a lovely weekend!