Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby food in the slow cooker

Thought I'd share one aspect of my menu planning and prep this week - baby food!
This is the most satisfying part of the whole shebang. why? because my gorgeous 8 monther receives ALL of my nutritious - filled with love offerings - with enthusiasm. It makes this mumma happy to watch all that goodness disappear into her cute belly... 
So here is one of my many grocery trips this week...this one $22.68
Some of this was destined for baby's cute belly. I cook most of her meals in the slow cooker to freeze in small portions and use them when general dinner is unsuitable.
I cook two different meals in oven bags in the slow cooker at the same time. All the vegetables, meat, stock, herbs and spices in the bag - brilliant time saver! I learnt the hard way not to seal the bags with the ties they give you in the box, just leave them open to prevent them popping their seams.
8 hours later (8 hours I was doing other things) and baby has enough to keep her full - for a little while anyway:)


  1. my kids never had bought baby food and both are healthy 30+ year keep it up...better for the purse as well xx

    1. thank you diane, i will keep it up! she is a joy to feed, no fussing! for the others well *sigh*

  2. My kids always had home made meals. Freezed them in ice cube trays and then in labled zip lock bags. My youngest, now 2 loves a good curry! No bland food for her :o) Well done and keep up the great work and budget

  3. thanks sharon:) all my kids love a curry too so i'm lucky there! thanks for your kind comments.