Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{Project: Food Budget} Week 13

I'm excited to join Emily Levenson's {Project: Food Budget} this week.
I'm feeding 6 - 3 big hungry mouths, and 3 small hungry mouths on a grocery store budget of $300 per week.
This must include food and non-food grocery items. I plan to track my spending under - meat / fruit & veg / non-nutritious foods / general grocery / non-food - as suggested by Jodi at Lightening. These headings make sense to me, especially the treats or 'non-nutritious' - I don't know how much our budget suffers atm because of them...
In fact, I don't really have a good grasp of our food budget other than we have a tendency to overspend...that and I drink way too much Pepsi Max:(
My plan is to create a series of weekly menus, each with there own shopping lists and costings. A lot of work now will hopefully mean less work in the future as I will cycle through the various weeklies as the seasons suit.

So to this weeks menu: (I'll be back later to post the shopping list)

Monday - Chilli con Carne with rice, tomato and avocado
Tuesday - Bean Burgers
Wednesday - Albondigas soup with mushrooms and carrot
Thursday - Chicken with Red Salad
Friday - Italian Vegetarian Patties with salad
Saturday - Zucchini Slice
Sunday - leftovers:D

Food spend thus far is $160. That's all dinners and most lunch / breakfast supplies.
The kids are on holidays...I'm undecided if that makes it more or less expensive!
I'm hoping with the incidental bread / milk / fruit purchases that I can achieve a food total of not more than $200.
I'll be pretty happy with that:)
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  1. Way to go on your first week!

    Just becoming aware of where you money goes is fairly enlightening. Bc one you know, it's easy to start making small changes.

    Glad to have you on board. :)